Artful Notes!

I’ve re-named my newsletter and have a new banner. I’d like to thank my nephew, Mike, for his artistic prowess in bringing my banner vision to existence.

I’ll be sharing things I find, and things I’m working on. I hope you enjoy some of them.

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Let’s go!

Art I’ve Found

Morvixity is a digital artist in the NFT space. As I grew the list of artists I follow on Twitter, I mean X, she was introduced to me, and I liked what she was doing, especially the art she called “Daily Doodles.”

She would post a new “doodle” every day. Some were whimsical, some had meaning to her, and she would post them on Open Sea to sell them as NFT’s.

Image By Andy

While I was practicing taking pictures of the sun, there was a birdhouse used by the tree swallows nearby.

When I was done looking up, I focused on the birdhouse and caught this lovely stretching its wings.

(From my daily, morning posts on my Instagram and Twitter(X) page)

Music I’ve Found

I first saw Noah Kahan on Saturday Night Live. Most of the times my wife and I skip through the musical guests, or give them 10 seconds.

I was immediately drawn into Noah’s musical storytelling, folk/Americana sound, and he is now on heavy rotation on my listening schedule.

Songs By Andy

I went to back up my car. The screen that shows the camera views around my car shows a “splat” on the front camera. Yup, it was like a bullseye for a bug. Originally I named the song, “What Did I Hit?”, but in the end figured “Sometimes You’re the Front Camera, Sometimes You’re the Bug,” a slight ode to the Dire Straits song, “The Bug.”

I’m Kind of Excited

Sure, they will probably take over the world someday, but I’m looking forward to the next generation of robots. You know, the ones that will wash the windows, do the laundry, fold my clothes, and do the dishes.

Oh, wait, I already have a robot that does the dishes, it’s our dishwasher!

I suppose I’m waiting for the one that will load the dishwasher robot and then put away the dishes.

That’s it for this week’s edition! Thanks for stopping by!

See you next week,