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Maybe you are looking to get some energy back into your day, or by the time you open this email you feel discouraged about life. Don’t fear, this edition of Artful Notes has got you covered with inspiration, motivation, and an old computer.

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Let’s go!

Art I’ve Found

Many people complain about Twitter/X being negative, but Burnasso is a burst of positivity every day. He posts a wonderful, inspiring message accompanied by wonderful art.

If you are looking for goodness to start your day, check out Burnasso, and also some great photography via his LinkTree and OnCyber Gallery.

My Art

“Don’t Look too Close”
I was lucky enough to visit San Sebastián, Spain. The food is wonderful, and they have awesome beaches. Being from the United States, I’m not always ready for the adventurousness of some European locations.

I took this picture, and it wasn’t until I looked a little closer, at the person near the red umbrella, that the 12 year-old in me laughed.

Music I’ve Found

George Winston

A friend of mine knew I liked piano driven music and got me the CD, “Winter Into Spring” from George Winston, for Christmas years ago. I completely enjoyed the melodic, piano look at the seasons.

The other day my music library played some George Winston. It took me back, but also made me revisit his music to my complete enjoyment.

My Dorky Song

“Pumped Up for the Day”
Sometimes, when I sing my songs in my car, I really wonder what screw is loose in my head.

While this song might get you going for your day, you may also wonder what screw is loose in my head.

Early Adopter

I saw a headline that the BASIC programming language turned 60 years old recently. My mind immediately went back to when I was around 12 years old, in the basement, playing on a Radio Shack, TRS-80 Model 1.

I played around with programing back then, mostly bouncing a giant square pixel around the screen.

I wondered why I always want to be an early adopter of technology. While BASIC was already out for years by then, that TRS-80 was definitely an early-adopter computer. I guess it’s why I love my Vision Pro.

A much younger me, with friends at my graduation party, TRS-80 in the background!

Thanks always for your interest!

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