Birds, Bugs, & Blueberries

Birds have been known to eat bugs and blueberries. Mix that together with some music that might help your groove, and you have the latest edition of Artful Notes.

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Let’s go!

Art I’ve Found

Bradley Moon

Bradley is a photographer I’ve grown to love, especially as his work varies from subject to subject whenever he posts. One day it might be a stunning architecture image shot at a different angle, and the next day he’s posting a stunning flock of birds against a sunset or sunrise.

I don’t remember the first time I saw his art, but this image of “Nature’s Airshows” was one of the first one I commented on, as the 12 year old in me took over, mentioning that I would not want to be on that boat.

My Art

“Come Out of Your Shell”

Yea, I’m a little obsessed with cicadas right now. They are weird, seem to have a purpose every 17 (or 13 years), and leave a mess, like the carcasses that hang on the trees, fall to the ground, and stink up the place.

Still, I’m going to miss their song when I go out to my car in the morning in a few weeks when they are gone.

Music I’ve Found


Listening to a podcast, the host mentioned when he needed background music to keep him focused, he listened to SOHN. I said to myself, “Self, I sometimes need background music to stay focused.”

I searched out SOHN (real name Christopher Michael Taylor), and sure enough, he’s got a rhythmic quality to his music that is kind of dreamy and not too overpowering. Perfect for extended periods of needing focus at my keyboard.

My Dorky Song

I Seem to Like Blueberries

For what seems like forever, I didn’t like blueberries. No particular reason, just didn’t care from them, and they stained everything.

For whatever reason, a few years ago, I added them to cereal at the urging of my smart wife, and she would put them in scones.

Now I am a fan of blueberries.

Who knew?

Coming Soon!

What Ben Didn’t Know

For a while now I’ve been working on some short stories revolving around a man named Ben. My anticipated launch date is July 1st for the first volume tentatively titled, “Just Another Lunchtime Walk.”

I’m very excited to let you into the world of Ben, and will let you know how find him in the coming weeks!

One Last Thing…

The Ladder Luchador

A few years ago this commercial made me chuckle. It’s one of the most memorable commercials for something as mundane as a ladder that I have ever seen.

I came across it while cleaning out some old bookmarks. Now I want a house so I can have a ladder.

Thanks always for your interest!

See you next week!