Undefeated Faces

Welcome to another edition of Artful Notes filled with faces of the undefeated. After reading go ahead and look in a mirror to see another undefeated face!

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Let’s go!

Art I’ve Found


Ava is an artist from Istanbul, Turkey. I fell in love with her creative faces to start, and then, as I paid more attention, how she melded them into scenes of life.

One image doesn’t do her work justice, so check out her Instagram or avaaaaart.eth.co profile.

My Art

“Nature Reflects”

This is combination of My Art and Art I’ve Found.  I took the picture and love the colors and shadows, but the sculpture was part of the Human + Nature exhibit at The Morton Arboretum near Chicago. The artist is Daniel Popper who creates beautiful sculptures. The focus for this exhibit was utilizing tree-like construction to meld nature with human-like qualities.

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Music I’ve Found

Yuma Wang

I would have never had any idea who Yuja Wang was were it not for someone I follow on X/Twitter, linking to their video, and simply posting, “Yuja Wang is undefeated.”

She is a pianist extraordinaire, and I was mesmerized by her talent on Glass: Études: No. 6 from The Vienna Recital. If you like piano, heck, even if you just want to see some awesome piano playing, I encourage you to check her out.

My Dorky Song

At Least They Drown Out the Traffic

My obsession with cicadas continues. There is an expressway by my office, and the traffic is kind of noisy.

Who do you think wins in the noisy department these days, the traffic or the cicadas?

Didn’t Know What Was Coming Next

Kevin Costner on WGN Morning News

As they are wont to do, the WGN Morning News always has an interesting way to greet guests.

A recent visit from actor Kevin Costner was no different.

It’s always great seeing how the stars react to the antics of a professional newscast!

See you next week!