Red Balloons and Love

If you love balloons, trains, squirrels, and hobos, this edition of Artful Notes has it all! And since this edition comes out on a Thursday, let’s make it “Love Song Thursday,” too!

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Let’s go!

Art I’ve Found


If you ever wondered if you should just start something you are interested in, VivianeG is a wonderful example that you should. Her art journey started in just 2021 with paying for a Photoshop course. Quickly her visions of minimalism and red balloons became an instant hit in the art world.

Over the short amount of years since then, Viviane didn’t stop with Photoshop, honing skills on Blender and other art creation tools bringing animation and other styles to her repertoire.

Whether minimal or expansive, seeing Viviane’s work come across my feed is always a joy.

My Art

Green Means Go

We have railroad tracks near our apartment. As a person who grew up loving trains, maybe mostly because my dad would put up a train set every Christmas, there is something that gets me excited, even when a train is nowhere to be found.

On a morning walk, with the sun coming up, a stretch of tracks was empty, but from the signal lights you knew a train was going to be heading towards the sunrise very soon.

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Music I’ve Found

Holy Locust

The article at Boing Boing started, “Listen to folk punk from hobo heaven.”

I’m in!

The band they were referring to is Holy Locust, a mix of punk, jazz, and folk.

There is not a lot about them out there, a little on the Flail Records website, and on Bandcamp, but if you like jazz or folk or punk, give them a listen!

My Dorky Song

Thinking About Love

I sing a lot of dorky songs for my wife and then post them on my YouTube channel.

Every now and then I let her know that I really love her and call it “Love Song Thursday” for the post.

Out in Internet Land

Glenda is Nuts

Apparently a squirrel has been tormenting a woman for years.

What to do?

Start a TikTok, call the squirrel Glenda, and let social media enjoy.

Me, I love squirrels, even though they are basically rats with fuzzy tails. I remember feeding our “pet” squirrel from the palm of my hand when I was a young lad. I wish our squirrel was more like Glenda, though.

Thanks always for your interest!

See you next week!