Go Ahead, Look Up!

Welcome to this week’s edition of Artful Notes where things are out of this world! Go ahead, bring up the rear while still reaching for the stars. Just be careful if you are hitching a ride!

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Let’s go!

Art I’ve Found


In the spring I took pictures of the solar eclipse and fashioned myself an “astrophotographer.”

Every time I see an image of Mark’s coming through my X/Twitter feed, well, I’m reminded that I’ve got a long way to go.

With stunning pictures of nebula, galaxies, and all things astro, his work continues to amaze me and has me look at the night sky a little differently.

My Art

“It Brought Up The Rear”

It occurred to me that kids these days, and some adults for that matter, have no idea what a caboose is.

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Music I’ve Found

2 the Moon – Pitbull, Ne-Yo, AFROJACK

In my wide variety of music listening, I am a fan of Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull. Sure, the video really just has women dancing around, but when the song popped up on my iTunes, I couldn’t help but do the old-man-dance at my desk.

My Dorky Song

“Bug In My Car”

I got in my car, started driving, was in traffic, and heard a chirp. I knew that chirp, it was a cicada, and then the fear set in, when would it start flying around in my car?

Luckily he was just hitching a ride.

Still Looking for Anything

Voyager 1

In 1977, the Voyager 1 spacecraft was launched and has been heading out to space ever since.

Back in 2023, some 15 billion miles away, it appeared we would never hear from it again. Somehow the awesome NASA scientists were able to send some commands in May of this year, and lo and behold, Voyager 1 answered back.

It’s still looking for anything and reporting back as instructed!

Image: Nasa

Thanks always for your interest!

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