Cash is Still King

Welcome to the latest edition of Artful Notes where I revisit my childhood, find beauty, celebrate the egg sandwich, and have to find a new way to skirt doing my job.

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Let’s go!

Art I’ve Found


Patti is a creator who focuses on artistic photography, using creative lighting and backdrops to create stunning art.

Her messages on X/Twitter are always filled with inspiration, her photographs are beautiful, and I always love coming across her work on my feed.

My Art

Flying to Celebration

As this edition comes out on the 4th of July in the United States, I figured a picture of the American flag would be appropriate.

This one was from Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a few years ago, with a parachute team starting the evening celebrations!

Find My Art…

Music I’ve Found

Johnny Cash – Songwriter

As you can tell from the picture of me, I have been a long-time fan of Johnny Cash.

As I was listening to music the other day, up came a Johnny Cash song I had never heard before. “What, a new Johnny Cash album?”

It appears, back in 1993, Johnny recorded a batch of demo songs and they didn’t suck. They were just never released.

John Carter Cash, Johnny’s son, found the songs, had the backing tracks re-recorded, and released them as “Songwriter,” a wonderful collection of songs just as great as anything Johnny put out when he was alive.

My Dorky Song

I Had an Egg Sandwich

If you have been following me for a while, you know my love for egg sandwiches. In fact, it’s an egg sandwich that got this whole “posting songs on YouTube” thing going when I accidentally emailed a song about an egg sandwich, meant for my wife, to my sister.

This egg sandwich was not as good as the one’s my wife makes.

One More Thing…

You Can’t Get Away With Anything…

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this, but apparently those lucky enough to work from home all of the time had found a way to not work but appear like they are working.

The slackers at home were buying devices that would keep their mouse active, giving the illusion they were working so things like that annoying light on Teams would stay green signifying they were “Available,” i.e. at work, instead of yellow, or “Away.”

Not for much longer.

As happens, companies are finding other ways to detect if work is getting done, so, slackers beware, you will have to find something new to pretend you are working but not work.

Thanks always for your interest!

See you next week!